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  1. You're calling
Let us know your location and the nature of the breakdown.
Operators are in touch 24/7

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The dispatcher will ask leading questions to clarify the details and send help

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The tow truck will arrive to you within 20 minutes in the city and within 40 minutes outside the city
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Car evacuation
Delivery of a tow truck from 20 minutes to any point in Germany at a low fixed price.

Experienced workers will carefully load and take your car to the service.
Full support
Our team will carefully consider your question
and provide full escort of your car to your destination.
With us quickly and profitably:
The prices are indicated for reference, for more information, contact the operator
Car evacuation
from €50
Moving a damaged or faulty vehicle to a specialized car tow truck
Fuel delivery
from €50
Delivery of a small amount of fuel for further movement to the nearest gas station
Pumping out fuel
from €200
If the wrong type of fuel was filled into the tank of the car or if the fuel system was contaminated due to defects in operation, our specialists will solve this problem
Car lighting
from €60
Our masters will help you start the engine when the battery is discharged
* Fixed payment after discussion with the manager. No additional/hidden fees
Here you will find photos illustrating the high level of our professionalism and individual approach to each client.
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
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Stop at a safe place, turn on the emergency alarm and put up an emergency stop sign, if possible. Call our manager, describe the problem and get help immediately
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