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Emergency towing of cars and trucks in Germany, in the Berlin area. Fast and quality service from English-speaking operators. Assistance in selecting a repair shop and organizing repairs.

In Germany, especially in such a large and busy city like Berlin, emergency vehicle towing is not just a service for accidents or breakdowns, but a necessity that every driver may need. Whether you've encountered an unexpected breakdown on the road or been involved in a traffic accident, it's important to know that you can count on prompt and high-quality assistance. CarsHelp offers you just such support – emergency towing and comprehensive help, from the moment you call to the completion of your car's repairs. Our services are geared towards English-speaking clients, making communication and understanding your needs much easier and more efficient.
The first step in any unforeseen road situation would be to call our operator. Our English-speaking specialists will not only help you navigate the situation but will also promptly arrange for a tow truck to come. This is especially important if you are in an unfamiliar area or if the incident occurred outside the working hours of most service centers.

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The CarsHelp towing service began its operations in 2019 and quickly established itself as one of the leaders in the field. Over the years, we have not only accumulated extensive experience in vehicle towing but have also significantly expanded the range of services we offer. Our team of professionals provides a high level of service, promptly responding to client calls and offering solutions for any road situation. We strive to minimize inconvenience for drivers, ensuring fast and safe vehicle towing under any road conditions.

Towing services price list:

The cost of towing a car in Germany are indicated for reference, for more information, contact the operator
towing emergency
from €50
Moving a damaged or faulty vehicle to a specialized car tow truck
gas delivery
from €50
Delivery of a small amount of fuel for further movement to the nearest gas station
Fuel pumping out
from €200
If the wrong type of fuel was filled into the tank of the car or if the fuel system was contaminated due to defects in operation, our specialists will solve this problem
dead battery jump
from €60
Our masters will help you start the engine when the battery is discharged
* Fixed payment after discussion with the manager. No additional/hidden fees
CarsHelp is your reliable assistant on the roads of Berlin. Thanks to our comprehensive approach and focus on English-speaking clients, we guarantee not only fast and high-quality towing but also complete support from the moment of your call to the completion of the repair. With CarsHelp, you can always be confident in the safety and readiness of your vehicle for further travel.
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