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How do we work?

  1. You're calling
If you require the assistance of a towing a car in Germany, it is advisable to stop the vehicle in a safe place if possible, then turn on the emergency alarm and place an emergency stop sign near the vehicle, if possible. Provide your location and the nature of the breakdown.
Operators are on call 24/7.

2. We are clarifying

Next, you make an urgent call for a car towing service in Germany at any time of the day to our manager at the specified number on the site and describe your situation in detail (the cause and nature of the breakdown) and tell us where you are. During the conversation, the manager may ask a few additional questions to clarify some details about your situation.

3. We are coming to you

If you are within the city, our tow truck will arrive no later than 20 minutes, and if outside the city, no later than 40 minutes. When our specialists arrive, you need to provide them with your ID card and car documents. If everything is in order with the documents of the car, it is loaded on the tow truck and transported to the agreed place.
We are in touch 24/7

Tow car in Germany

Delivery of a tow truck from 20 minutes to any point in Germany at a low fixed price. After agreeing the price per km with the operator, it will not change (we do not have any additional or hidden fees).

Experienced workers will carefully load and drive your car to the service. Calls are accepted around the clock.

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Full support

Our team will carefully consider your question
and provide full escort of your car to your destination. We provide full escort of the car to its destination.

Availability of specialized machinery and equipment for auto towing in Germany - we guarantee reliable transportation with the use of special fixators of the car on the evacuator

Towing services price list:

The cost of towing a car in Germany are indicated for reference, for more information, contact the operator
towing emergency
from €50
Moving a damaged or faulty vehicle to a specialized car tow truck
gas delivery
from €50
Delivery of a small amount of fuel for further movement to the nearest gas station
Fuel pumping out
from €200
If the wrong type of fuel was filled into the tank of the car or if the fuel system was contaminated due to defects in operation, our specialists will solve this problem
dead battery jump
from €60
Our masters will help you start the engine when the battery is discharged
* Fixed payment after discussion with the manager. No additional/hidden fees
Almost every day on the roads you may need auto towing in Germany near me for one reason or another. In this case, you can turn to the services of a specialized car towing company, which can quickly solve your problem. CarsHelp24 car towing service in Germany near me is at your service round the clock. Call us and we will always help you to solve your problem.

Here you will find photos illustrating the high level of our professionalism and individual approach to each client.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

We know the answers to frequently asked questions, if we haven't found the answer, just call us

Stop at a safe place, turn on the emergency alarm and put up an emergency stop sign, if possible. Call our manager, describe the problem and get help immediately
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